Free Walking Tour: Mornings & Afternoons

Culture and History of Costa Rica

Yes, this San Jose Costa Rica free walking tour is currently operating. The tour comes with a communicative, local, certified, English-speaking guide.

My name is Jason Ugalde. Walk with me and you won’t miss a beat as we explore the capital city of Costa Rica to decipher what it takes to be a Tico in all our glory.

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The Blue Castle and other historic buildings in Costa Rica.
Urban design along the Ricardo Jimenez walkway.

San Jose is teeming with history and culture hidden in plain sight. It’s a beautiful city that tells its story through a display of eclectic architecture and public spaces.

San Jose Costa Rica Free Walking Tour at the Central Market of San Jose
Fruits and vegetables stand at San Jose’s Central Market.

This free walking tour of San Jose Costa Rica will have you weaving through busy tight corridors of authenticity in the downtown Central Market (closed on Sundays).

Aerial photo of Costa Rica's National Theater.
The National Theater, Juan Mora Fernandez Plaza in front, and the Cultural Plaza on the upper left.

The luxuries of the National Theater are also to be admired. A cherished remnant of XIX Costa Rican liberalism and currently a must-see landmark in San Jose.

Central Park of San Jose in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral.
Central Park and the Metropolitan Cathedral

We will find cover in the sanctuary of its Cathedrals, as a result, we will relax our souls, buffered away from the loud streets and avenues outside.

Free walking San Jose Costa Rica city tour
Pedestrian Central Avenue, downtown San Jose, Costa Rica.

Animated pedestrian spaces are used to connect each city landmark in an effort to soak the bustling city with historical context.

In conclusion, and if the timing is right a twilight, urban, parakeet-bird show downtown to welcome the night.

Psittacara finschi aka Crimson Fronted Parakeet
Crimson Fronted Parakeets say “Take the tour.”

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Who Pays for a San Jose Costa Rica Free Walking Tour?

This is a free walking tour of San Jose, in other words, you decide how much to tip the guide.

If you are looking for half-day tours in San Jose Costa Rica, this walk is enjoyed in 3 to 4 hours, which goes by quickly.

You can take this San Jose City tour in the morning (9 am), or similarly in the afternoon (2 pm).

Afternoons temperatures drop as a result of the sun setting at around 6 pm, therefore, bring a sweater.