Tour Description

Sunset city skyline of San Jose, Costa Rica.
San Jose, Costa Rica.

Free Walking Tour Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Time flies while you are on this free walking tour of San Jose, Costa Rica. The tour can be extended depending on how much you enjoy a good walk in the city.

Tour Schedule: 9 am or 2 pm

Sunny mornings and rainy afternoons fit the tour description this time of year in San Jose, Costa Rica. A dry season will once again be prevalent once December comes around.

That is why a 9 am start time for our English and/or Spanish free walking tour is recommended.

However, if you bring an umbrella, and you are not afraid of a little tropical rain, a 2 pm tour would do the trick.

Starting Point

The CR City free walking tour of San Jose begins from the Costa Rican Art Museum (closed on Mondays) at La Sabana Metropolitan Park.

On Mondays we begin our city stroll from the Metropolitan Cathedral, in front of Central Park.

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Sign up and take the tour for a fun, cultural, and historic experience. It’s full of epic stories you’ll be sure to remember.

So bring a camera, an umbrella, a good ear, and comfortable walking shoes to see San Jose’s main city attractions.

At the end of the tour, you decide how much to tip the guide.

Sculpture at the National Theather, Heroes de la Miseria
Heroes de la Miseria by Juan Ramon Bonilla, 1907.