National Theater

The National Theater of Costa Rica

The National Theater, Costa Rica’s Architectural Crown Jewel

Aerial photo of Costa Rica's National Theater.
The National Theater, Juan Mora Fernandez Plaza in front, and the Cultural Plaza to side.

Our free walking tour of San Jose will include a visit to the entrance hall of Costa Rica’s National Theater. This building is picture perfect and probably the most beautiful architectural masterpiece in the country.

Auditorium inside the National Theater of Costa Rica.
Auditorium inside Costa Rica’s National Theater.

Since 1897 this wonderful opera house has been known for displaying only the finest events.

It is called the National Theater for a reason. It’s because the Costa Ricans paid for it through their taxes. It would only be fair if everyone had the chance of enjoying it. That is why some events are held throughout the week at very cheap rates. Tuesday’s noon events usually sell at very low rates, sometimes just a couple of dollars. These cheap tickets allow every Costa Rican an affordable opportunity of enjoying this sacred place.

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Allegory to Coffee and Bananas painting on the ceiling.
Allegory to Coffee and Bananas, Costa Rica’s favorite painting.

Known by the Ticos as the “Teatro Nacional”, the theater is accessible within its gates and entrance hall, unless an event is taking place.

Come inside the entrance hall of the National Theater and you’ll be amazed by the fine Italian marble floors and columns, and valuable paintings. You will also enjoy fine sculptures by Pietro Bulgarelli, Jimenez Deredia, Juan Ramon Bonilla and other artists.

The National Theater’s prime location sits on the corner of Second Avenue and Third Street.  It’s just a few steps from the Cultural Plaza and the Gold Museum. It’s also just a couple of blocks away from Central Park and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Three Muses above the National Theater portico.
Three Greek mythology Muses atop the National Theater.

Our free walking tour does not include the ticket to go inside the theater beyond the entrance hall. This would be highly recommended after the tour is over. It is worth it.

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