The National Park

Beautiful City – National Park

Parque Nacional sign.
The Parque Nacional  in San Jose Costa Rica.

The National Park provides a relaxing¬†escape for a stroll around Costa Rica’s most cherished statue, The National Monument.

The National Park has been one of the most beautiful city parks in San Jose Costa Rica since 1892. Its conception came about from the necessity to find a proper site to showcase the National Monument, a statue that commemorates the heroic liberation of Central America from William Walker. Costa Rican president Juanito Mora led the nation’s army back in 1856-57 to pull of that feat.

The National Park has picnic tables.
Picnic table at the National Park in San Jose.

Some of the most influential and historic buildings of Costa Rica can be appreciated in the perimeter of the park, like the Congressional buildings, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, the historic Distillery Complex, the National Library and the old railway station to the Atlantic coast.

Many trees in the park are labeled with their scientific names. The park has benches, tables, and plenty of lawns for its visitors providing them with a natural location in the civic center of San Jose.

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