Morazan Park

Musical and Romantic Morazan Park

Bandstand at Morazan Park.
Bandstand at Morazan Park, known as the Temple of Music.

Morazan Park in San Jose Costa Rica displays statues and effigies from Latin American heroes and National Presidents. Morazan Park also offers beautiful gardens and magnificent trees. Morazan Park is adjacent to the Metallic School Building and Spain Park, making this part of San Jose abundant with beauty and nature.

The center piece of Morazan Park is a lovely neoclassical bandstand’s used by musicians for its acoustics. The bandstand’s name since its creation in 1920 has been the Temple of Music for this specific reason. It is very likely the Temple of Music in San Jose¬†Costa Rica was inspired by the Temple of Love in Versailles France.

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Morazan Park bronze statue of a couple embracing to kiss.
El Beso statue, very appropriate for Morazan Park.

And who was Morazan? Francisco Morazan was a leader and a general in the first half of the XIX century. Coming from Honduras, he had a dream of an everlasting Central American Federation. He took the opportunity of reaching his dream when he was offered to rule Costa Rica in exchange for overthrowing Braulio Carrillo, the Nation’s president at the time. His deadly mistake was to force Costa Rica into creating an army strong enough to muscle the rest of the Central American countries into submission to fulfill his unified isthmus.

Couple kissing at Morazan Park.
There’s usually some kissing going on at Morazan’s.

For his efforts he was put at the mercy of a firing squad, along with two of his Costa Rican conspirators. General Francisco Morazan wrote a brief will, gave his last wishes, then bravely delivered the order to fire upon himself. He died September 15th, 1842, which coincidentally was Costa Rica’s 21st Independence Day from Spain. In 1887, again on September 15th, a controversial decree was issued to turn a swampy area into a city park in San Jose Costa Rica honoring the late General Francisco Morazan.

Temple of Music bandstand and the Holiday Inn hotel.
Morazan in front of the Holiday Inn.

Could this be the only city park built out of guilt?

Today, Morazan Park is always worth checking out on a sunny day, you never¬†know what could be going on. Maybe a concert, puppets, face painting, a wedding, or a marriage proposal. That’s why our San Jose City tour has to includes this romantic place.