Melico Salazar Theater

For the Love of Opera

Melico Salazar theater at the corner of Main St with 2nd Ave.
The Melico Salazar Theater at the corner of Main Street with Second Avenue.

In the heart of the city of San Jose stands a late neo-classical building dedicated to theater and opera. It’s the Melico Salazar Theater. Originally built as the privately-owned Raventos Theater in 1928, it nearly burned to the ground in 1967. For many years the ruined building was left in shambles.

Melico Salazar Theater portico arch.
Melico Salazar Theater entrance.

But in 1985 the Costa Rican government finally took action and returned it to all its glory. At the same time, the theater was re-baptized in order to honor the country’s most successful tenor,  Manuel “Melico” Salazar. That’s how one of the city’s most cherished theaters came alive again.

The Melico Salazar Theater sits across Second Ave from Central Park and the Metropolitan Cathedral. Its beautiful facade adds character and culture to the city’s ceremonial center. That’s why our city tour of San Jose cannot miss it.

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