Main Post Office building in San Jose.

Main Post Office Building

Beautiful Architectural Patrimony

The modern National Bank building behind the old post office building.
A contrast between architecture and generations.

A trip to the post office in San Jose Costa Rica is a delight to your sight. The Telegraph and Post Office building in San Jose Costa Rica is emblematic and historic. The morse code telegraph hasn’t been used since the late 1970s, so it is currently known just as the Central Post Office Building of San Jose.

The Juan Mora Porras Monument.
The Juan Mora Porras Monument in front of the post office.

The English Construction Company was put in charge of erecting the Post Office Building in 1914, finishing the job in 1917. Its style is late neoclassical. To this day this post office runs as normal.

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A pedestrian plaza in front of the post office generously allows a display of its precious architecture. The plaza has a bronze monument honoring Juan Mora Porras, the president, and hero during the war campaign of 1856. Tall trees shade plaza and you will notice they will not be in the way of the incredible contrast of architecture with the post office building has with the city’s surrounding modern structures.

A philatelic museum can be found within the post office, adding to the sentimental reverence Costa Ricans have for this historic relic.

Green relic postal stamp of Costa Rica from 1923.
Old collectible postal stamp of Costa Rica.

It is a joy to have such a beautiful structure in downtown and how it has survived one hundred years already. ┬áThat’s why our city tour of San Jose will not be complete without a visit to this post office building.