Democracy Plaza

Honoring Peace and Democracy

Panoramic photo of Democracy Plaza in San Jose Costa Rica.
Democracy Plaza at the base of the National Museum.

A guided walk through Democracy Plaza is part of our city tour in San Jose. The plaza was conceived in 1989 by our then president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Oscar Arias. The occasion was to celebrate one hundred years of Costa Rican democracy.

A metal and glass sphere cage protecting a pre-Columbian sphere.
Ronald Quesada the architect designed a sphere to protect a sphere.

The Monument to Pepe Figueres is at Democracy Plaza.

Democracy Plaza sits between the National Museum, the Arts and Crafts Market and the Jade Museum in San Jose Costa Rica. To be exact, it is between 2nd and Central Avenue.

This city plaza offers a pleasant site to rest under a tree in the busy downtown district; unless the National soccer team is playing for the World Cup. The concrete plaza has some elevated terraces which allow views of the skyline and mountains surrounding the city. Especially beautiful at sunset.Take the Tour - Call to Action Button.

Tree shade on a sunny day at Democracy Plaza, Costa Rica.
Shaded public spaces at Plaza de la Democracia.

A sphere within a sphere can be found at Democracy Plaza

The plaza has recently changed its name. Now it is officially known as the Army’s Abolition and Democracy Plaza. The new name comes from an old friend that was returned to the plaza. A bronze statue of Jose “Pepe” Figueres Ferrer. Our friend and hero Pepe is responsible for bringing peace to Costa Rica after his victory in our last civil war. He is the man that abolished the army of Costa Rica in 1948.