The Cultural Plaza in Costa Rica.

The Cultural Plaza

Downtown San Jose Culture

Aerial photo of the Cultural Plaza in Costa Rica.
The Cultural Plaza from above.

The Cultural Plaza is an important and fun open space in San Jose Costa Rica. This is a great spot to people-watch and our free walking tour will not miss it.

Its excellent location allows plaza users a bench to rest and a perfect view of important city landmarks. From here you’ll be footsteps away from the National Theater, the Gran Hotel Costa Rica, the Gold Museum, and the mile-long pedestrian Central Avenue Boulevard.

Costa Rican flag waving in the wind at the Cultural Plaza.
Costa Rican flag at the Plaza de la Cultura.

The Cultural Plaza has just been renovated. It looks very modern however its new style honors our pre-Columbian heritage.

The Cultural Plaza is located on a city block that was once cluttered with old buildings, including the National Theater. During the late 70’s all the old buildings were all demolished, except for the National Theater, of course, to make space for a brand new Gold Museum.

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Nighttime water fountain lights at the Cultural Plaza in Costa Rica.
A new water fountain at the Cultural Plaza.

But once the old buildings were out of the way, the North face of the National Theater became visible to everyone. This was a true delight. The theater was in full view from all sides for the very first time since anyone could remember. It would have been a real shame to block that beautiful view once again.

Aerial photo of the Cultural Plaza under construction.

Most people are oblivious to the fact there’s an inverted pyramid full of gold and treasures beneath their feet when they visit the Cultural Plaza in San Jose Costa Rica.

The Cultural Plaza and the Gold Museum under construction during the late ’70s. So the Gold Museum engineers and architects went back to the drawing board to fix this new dilemma. They thought and thought until a new solution was conjured up. The solution consisted of a huge hole in the middle of San Jose to make way for a subterranean inverted pyramid structure. And that’s how the pre-Columbian Gold Museum and the Numismatic Museum came to occupy what is underneath the Cultural Plaza.

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