Blending Cultures in San Jose

Chinese New Year's in Chinatown Costa Rica.
Chinese New Year’s celebration in San Jose Costa Rica.

Costa Rica’s Chinatown is another great example of a pedestrian-oriented city. The once very busy 9th street, crowded with buses, cabs, shops, and their customers, was re-arranged, pedestrianized and inaugurated as “El Barrio Chino” of San Jose in December of 2012. The new red and yellow colors along the main walkway to symbolize good luck and prosperity.

Chinese celebrations in front of La Soledad Church in San Jose Costa Rica.
Chinese dragons in front of La Soledad Church.

The city of San Jose has been organizing culinary and musical festivals lately in Chinatown.

It is easy to find Chinatown along Second Avenue in San Jose. There’s an impressive Chinese Arch at its entrance that cannot be missed. In a symbolic way, the arch represents the blending of two cultures since it’s adorned with representations of pre-Columbian spheres at theĀ base.

A bronze statue of John Lennon in Costa Rica.
A statue of John Lennon in El Barrio Chino.

Costa Rica’s Barrio Chino walkway extends for seven city blocks between 2nd and 14th avenue.

Within Chinatown evidently you will find Chinese business and residences. You will also find a small Arts Plaza and the La Soledad Catholic Temple. This Pedestrian streetĀ also connects with another important pedestrian space, the Fourth Avenue walkway.

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