Central Park

San Jose´s Ceremonial Center

Central Park's bandstand in San Jose, Costa Rica.
Bandstand in the middle of Central Park.

Central Park is the ceremonial center of the capital city of Costa Rica. Since 1885, Central Park had been a place for gathering, checkers, chit-chat, and a professional shoe shine. It had many tall shade trees and green lawns. The center bandstand, which also serves as a communal umbrella from the rain and sun, has been in place since 1944 thanks to a donation made by Anastacio Somoza.

A bronze statue honoring Costa Rica's working class.
Workers Monument, Central Park, San Jose.

Central Park nowadays has better views of the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Melico Salazar Theater, Main Street, and the surrounding city. With more cement and fewer trees and benches, the current design from 1994 gives Central Park the looks of a plaza, even more so since it blends with the Fourth Avenue Pedestrian Boulevard, another significant public space in San Jose Costa Rica.

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Psittacara finschi aka Crimson Fronted Parakeet
Crimson Fronted Parakeets

It is fun to people watch from a bench in Central Park. There might be some live music to enjoy or street art to entertain. But did you know it is a place where parakeets gather to spend the night? Yes, before sunset, hundreds, if not thousands of Crimson-fronted Parakeets (Arantinga finschi) seek the best branch or palm at the park and call it a day.  These loud flying birds definitely make evenings in San Jose wild and spectacular, surprising everyone on the ground below as they flock in great numbers to Central Park.