4th Avenue Boulevard

Downtown Walkway & Bikeway

4th Ave at the Metropolitan Cathedral, Costa Rica.
Fourth Avenue Walkway on the South side of the Metropolitan Cathedral.

The best way to tour the city of San Jose Costa Rica is definitely on foot for its many pedestrian areas. Fourth Avenue is one of these walkways and a very important walkway at that.

The municipality has made important efforts to provide it’s citizens car-free areas throughout the capital city. Fourth Avenue Boulevard is a great example of such efforts. About a mile long, thousands and thousands of busy pedestrians walk up and down the avenue in a steady flow.

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4th Ave walkway at the Senoritas High School
San Jose’s 4th Ave walkway on the North side of the Senoritas High School.

Downtown San Jose has five main catholic temples. Their placement in the city form a cross of churches. Fourth Avenue Walkway flows along the East-West axis of said cross connecting three of them.

Fourth Avenue Walkway is an important effort to make San Jose pedestrian friendly.

Along the way, other pedestrian streets and avenues connect to 4th Avenue. Parks and plazas are also connected by the 4th Ave walkway, substantially adding more area to San Jose’s walking grid.

There’s also an important project to incorporate bicycles to the city. So the Fourth Ave bikeway was painted on. It seems to be an experiment that might be catching on, however bike numbers are still low.

The culmination or beginning of the Fourth Avenue Walkway.
4th Ave walkway at the Braulio Carrillo City Park and La Merced Church.

Some city landmarks and public spaces brought together by the Fourth Avenue Walkway are the Braulio Carrillo Park, La Merced Church, Central Park, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Senoritas High School, the Garantias Sociales Plaza, Chinatown, and La Soledad Church. Be sure not to leave out a visit to a bronze statue of John Lennon sitting on a bench on your city tour of San Jose Costa Rica.