San Jose City Attractions

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Melico Salazar Theater corner.
Melico Salazar Theater on 2nd Ave and Main St.

If you are looking to be a thread in Costa Rica’s social fabric for a day, then you’re in for a real treat. Our walks in the city are fun. You’ll visit historical sites, contemporary places of interest, monuments, local markets, city parks, and other public places; but the best part of our free walking tour is the Costa Rican people. What they do, why they do it, and their legacy on this tiny blue planet. Lets be Ticos for a day and do what they do in San Jose.

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San Jose City attractions will best be experienced on foot. Especially if you want to take some pictures. Our free walking tour of San Jose, Costa Rica displays the capital city in all its splendor. When the time comes to immerse yourself in the vibrant city, your English speaking guide will be there to lead the way.

Here’s a list of attractions in San Jose Costa Rica that we include in our free walking city tour:

San Jose City Attractions

Many San Jose city attractions surrounding Central Park.
Central Park and the Metropolitan Cathedral
Temple of Music bandstand at Morazan Park.
Morazan Park and the Temple of Music.

Downtown San Jose is a safe area that is looking more and more beautiful with each passing day. The city’s public spaces have been undergoing improvements in an effort to make the city more attractive to live in. Because it’s always great to know what you are taking pictures of, follow your guide around town to benefit from the historical and cultural context of every beautiful place he takes you to visit.