What You Will Learn

Pepe Figueres with a sledgehammer on our free walking tour of San Jose Costa Rica.
Pepe Figueres abolishing the army in 1948.

A Story for the World to Hear

There’s something special to Costa Rica that most visitors ignore. You may have already seen, or are about to see its gorgeous beaches; the proximity of its warm oceans; towering volcanoes and endless green mountain ranges; the beauty and sanctuary of its National Parks; the wildlife; and of course, Costa Rica’s very happy people. These are things of great beauty and value, but not quite what makes us unique. Sign up for this Free walking tour of San Jose Costa Rica and find out. 

“How blessed is the Costa Rican mother for when she gives birth she knows her baby will never grow up to be a soldier.” -Ryoichi Sasakawa

There’s another story about this tiny country that needs to be told. A story that speaks of an incredible path Costa Rica has taken through history. A path so unique to this little democratic nation, that once you know it, everything else about Costa Rica will finally come together.

Free Walking Tour of San Jose Costa Rica

By interpreting, with the help of an English speaking guide, its historical landmarks, monuments, city parks, patrimonial buildings, markets, museums, public places, and by interacting with its people; you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out what really makes Costa Rica so special.

Temple of Music bandstand at Morazan Park, San Jose, Costa Rica.
We will visit Morazan Park on our free walking tour of San Jose Costa Rica.

Our free walking tour of San Jose Costa Rica lasts around 4 hours. They go by quickly. Bring comfortable walking shoes. Prepare for the weather. Real authentic Costa Rica fun is guaranteed only if you take the tour.

Allegory to Coffee and Bananas painting on the ceiling.
Allegory to Coffee and Bananas, Costa Rica’s favorite painting.

“Where there is a Costa Rican, wherever he or she is, there will always be liberty.” -Julio María Sanguinetti